Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sailing the high seas............

..................well not quite yet. I cannot believe our trip to Rome/Croatia is only a month away & I cannot say there's so much to get done before the trip because, we're READY!! :)

We went sailing last weekend on the Sound to dust off the cobwebs & go over some sailing maneuvers. We thought we should take Adriana along so she could get her feet wet (so to speak), we don't need her getting seasick while in Croatia :)

This is your Captain speaking!

She had a great time..........

Guys, there's nothing
magnetic on this boat, I'm
having to hold on for dear life.
.....although, she wasn't very happy to find there wasn't anything magnetic on the boat to attach herself too!!

I can see for miles!!

Look, I can fit in this winch
handle storage thingy!

Hoist the main sail!!

Look!! I'm steering the boat.

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michele said...

Adriana looks like she is a born sailor. What a grand time out on the water. I am jealous.