Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dharma Trading Featured Artist

Woohoo!! I'm one of the Featured Artists, for April, on Dharma Trading's website!!

A couple of months ago, while reading Dharma's emailed newsletter, I read at the bottom, in tiny print, "if you use any of our products that we sell in your art, please feel free to email us a picture of your finished piece & it might get posted onto our site."

I order all of my dyeing supplies from Dharma & I just love, love, love their bamboo poplin, so I sent them a photo of Green Apple Martini. Shortly after the email was sent, I received a response stating that they would like to have me as a Featured Artist on their home page for April & would I be interested? ARE YOU KIDDING?! Of course, I would!! A few more photos of my work & a write up about me (which I've never been comfortable doing) & here it is!! :)


Karen said...

LOL, I just saw my email from Dharma and headed on over here to say "whohoo" to you and "you go girl" and here you are already posting and using the same phrases.

Congrats :D

I now know someone famous.

Sherry said...

well you go girl! you are truly deserving. my dying skills are so lacking.

lindacreates said...

I was at the site today and recognized your work, then saw your name! FABULOUS!!!!!!!! The write up was great.

marion said...

Hurrah for Tracy!!!

Kim said...

Well done indeed! Your art is lovely, and I love the colors and almost incandescent look.