Tuesday, March 10, 2009

When does Spring start?

Sorry, no pics to post as of yet. Remember the studio remodel & laying the teak flooring? The last thing to be finished is my work top area. My wonderful DH made the cabinet for me (which I will post photos when all completed) & now he's putting in tons of drawers to hold all of those little things that can easily get lost & big drawers to hold my many clear shoe box containers of dyed cheesecloth, misty fuse, cording & clasps for my journals, etc. I'm going to be so organized, it's going to be scary. To be able to actually find something that I'm looking for & finding it the first time, I can't even imagine.

So, with that said, I haven't been able to finish any of the 3 pieces that are in progress right now. I have plans to send one of my pieces off to Virginia for the Fiberart for a Cause, Collage Mania. Just a little hint, I'm using my funky green, dyed on bamboo & there will be squiggles involved :)

As I posted the question at the beginning, "When does Spring start?" We have had some of the strangest weather here the last 3 days. It seemed as if every time I looked out the window, this weekend, something different was happening. We had light snow, then sun, then sleet & then sun again. Later in the day, it was raining snow, I can't think of any better way to explain it. It was coming down fast like rain drops, but was actually snow & all of this happening with the weather being around 42 degrees.

Saturday evening, while barbecuing (one of the wonderful things we can do year round here) it was snowing & we saw lightning. Sadly, we don't get to see very much lightning, so this was quite odd. While at work yesterday, round three - snow, sleet, sun, hail, blizzard-like conditions & thunder (all within about 2.5 hours). Yes, snow thunder. I didn't think it was possible.

You say "global warming" & some people roll their eyes, but in the 12 years that I've lived in the Pacific NW, I think the climate has really gone through some changes. The summers are getting hotter & the winters are getting a lot colder. We never used to see temps below 38 or above 78. The last couple of winters we've had quite a few days hovering around the mid-20's & the last couple of summers has seen quite a few days around the upper 80's & lower 90's. Today, while waiting for my bus, in 24 degree weather, to get to work, I would have happily embraced one of those upper 80 degree days :)

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