Friday, March 6, 2009

Adriana considers hand modeling

Before I get to Adriana's short lived career of hand modeling, I would like to share with you what Michele from EyEmbellishments made for me, isn't it just fabulous?!

She made this beautiful little dish of squiggles & ocean colors to commemorate my sailing trip while in Croatia this May. All it's missing is the artichoke spread, a few crackers & a bottle of wine :) Thanks Michele, I just LOVE it!!!

I have a huge respect for pottery artists!! It's just something that my hands can't do, which is probably a good thing since I'd have vessels ALL over my home & have some of the most funkiest serving dishes.

And now for Adriana's short lived career as a hand model.

She was all excited about the possibility of earning a few dollars to help support mom & her art "habit", then sadly realized, she didn't have hands. She said she didn't feel too upset, since she was concerned about being on her feet all day, under those hot lights of the photographer & what those hot lights might do to her painted body. She said that she'll have to think of something else to do so she can help contribute to the family

Look we match!!

Um, these pearls are a little heavy.

Which color do you
think goes best with
my coloring?

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maggi said...

Adriana is so cute. Keep practising on the Janome. I have an older one and it machine quilts just as well as my new Bernina but does not have so many bells and whistles. I love them both.