Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patty's Day!!!

Top 'O the Morning to Ya!! Happy St. Patrick's to all of you!!

This is the day that I get to wear my MOST favorite shoes. Not that I need a special day to wear these since I wear them all the time (of course!!)

I LOVE my green Chucks!! We visited a Converse store last summer & there they were. It was that type of moment, when you can see nothing else, but what you HAVE to have. I looked at my DH with big eyes & a smile to match (probably like a kid in a candy store) & he did what he often does with me, he shook his head, rolled his eyes & said, go ahead. Woo hoo!!! I'm getting a pair of Chucks in one of my most favorite colors!!! I must have been the happiest girl on the planet at that moment. :)

The young girl at the check out mentioned as I was paying for my shoes that they were selling a shirt in the same color to match my shoes. I thanked her for letting me know but then shared that I already had two in that color to match at home :)

I've been reading up a lot on my trip in May, to Rome & Croatia & have been hearing stories of others who have gone to Rome before me. I've heard things such as women don't wear shorts in Rome & you can tell if you're American if you wear tennis shoes. I can respect the no shorts, it will be May so the weather shouldn't be too hot, but tennis shoes? I'm going to be walking all over that wonderful city & my feet are going to be comfortable, so I don't care if you can tell if I'm American or not, I'm wearing my tennis shoes. Besides, I'm sure I'll probably stick out anyway - I'm thinking there's probably not many blonde Italians that live there? :) (maybe I'm wrong)

Wonder if my green Chucks should explore the Roman streets with me or better yet, the Old Town of Dubrovnik (Croatia)?


Purple Missus said...

You go for it - they are fabulous! They don't do them in purple do they? :)
Just been catching up with your wonderful blog. Love the faux leather journal, a great piece of work, how could you bear to part with it?

Sherry said...

Ok. Why am I not surprised you would purchase and wear a pair of green shoes....LOL. Hugs!

michele said...

I used to have a pair in RED, my favorite color. Don't know what happened to them. Darn, now I'm sad. I hope you wore yours to work.