Monday, April 7, 2008


Sorry not much to post. Spent most of the weekend working on a quilt for a show that is due this Thursday. Had the fabric already dyed, stamped & embellishments finished. Had the pieces cut out & matched up. Started to sew & something just didn't look right. What was supposed to be 3" by 3" squares, turned out to be 3" by 3 3/4" rectangles. Talk about completely frustrating, I had thought I had done my math correctly (something I normally leave up to my husband who is an engineer). Apparently not! I thought about cutting them down, but the embellishments that I had paper cast & dyed would have been too over powering for the piece. So what do you do? Start over. Dye more fabric & skip entering into this show. There just wasn't enough time & I didn't want to force something that might not look very nice in the end. So, time to focus on another show that I'm planning on entering that's due in June. Figured I could start now, go slowly & not be under a clock to finish it. The one nice thing, my paper casts are already done!

I was summoned for jury duty today & tomorrow. They didn't pick me today & hopefully, I won't be picked tomorrow!! Talk about exhausting. You sit in a room with about 200 other people & that's all you do......................sit. Brought my latest Quilting Arts & American Quilter's Society magazine, along with a book & my sketchbook. A person can only read for so long, then you get sleepy......................well, at least I do. One day down & hopefully, I pray, only one more left!!

On a happy note, I received this over the weekend from Nikki.

I visit her blog quite often & love what she's doing!! One day I suggested about "goin' green". She obliged & look at the beautiful work she created in that color. Thanks Nikki, I LOVE it!!

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Karen said...

Very nice.

Don't worry about getting the quilt done. I find the quicker I try to work the more mistakes I make. If something goes wrong it usually does but the end result is worth it.