Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tax day & other things..................

I can actually say, mine have been done for over a month & a half now & that we happily received a refund. We are in the slow process of changing out all of the hollow core doors in our home with solid white maple doors. Since there are 11 to be replaced, we will probably be placing orders of about 3-4 at a time. Our first 4 doors are to arrive in Seattle today & hopefully they'll be delivered to us sometime this week. Then the fun starts, assembling the doors with the jams, staining the new doors & breaking down the old doors so that garbage person isn't upset with us when they come to pick up our garbage. So needless to say, I may not have much to post for a little while.

I am happy to say that I did get out of jury duty, yeah!

Sorry that I haven't posted much lately, but remember the quilt that I wanted to enter into a show & I messed up the measurements? Received an email stating that they were going to extend the deadline by one more week, so I've been working like mad on trying to finish up another idea. All I have to do is bind the quilt, which I hope to finish tonite & if I have time, will take pics tonite & hopefully post tomorrow, otherwise, I'll post on Wednesday.

To give you a little hint of what I've been doing on this piece, I dyed bamboo poplin, my favorite neon green, cheesecloth, that same green along with hints of turquoise(it turned out really nice) did some thread painting along with adding touches of dyed toilet tissue cast, angelina fibers (first time I've ever used those) & Misty Fuse. And should it not get chosen for the show, that's ok, it's a piece I can add to my Etsy store, which I hope to be opening soon!!

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