Wednesday, April 2, 2008

ACEO's from Marion

Marion Barnett & I did a private trade & this is what she sent me. Aren't they just GORGEOUS?!!!!! The colors are very beautiful & vibrant. There's so much going on it each of these ACEO's (Art Card, Editions & Originals) They each have a soft velvety touch to them when you gently run your fingers over them. The two on the outside have layered Lutradur & what I think are Angelina Fibers that run over the sides. They've all been painted & some of them have foiling & quilting added.

I love how she finished the edges by leaving them raw. I would have never thought of doing this. When I make pc's or atc's, my thought is of always stitching up those edges. Seeing these has now opened my mind to new possibilites.

You really should check out Marion's blog, she's doing some wonderful things & if you find yourself really wanting one of her beautiful pieces, she also has an Etsy store!!

Thank you Marion for such wonderful little works of art!!!

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