Friday, August 13, 2010

Published in the UK!!!

I have to admit, this have been a fabulous year for me, so far.............wait, find a piece of wood to "knock on"  :)

A wonderful friend of mine, Marion Barnett, published a journal of mine that I created using Evolon.  You might remember a blog post I did on this journal back in June of last year.  Marion introduced me to Evolon, told me to work with it & see what happens.  I tried to give up twice, but Marion wouldn't let me & I'm glad she didn't! I was able to have the opportunity to work with a fiber I didn't even know existed & it really challenged me since I was used to working with natural fabrics & this is more of a synthetic.  (Which is why I stumbled & hesitated so much!!)

Once I started working with it, it reminded me a lot of Tyvek & since I had played with Tyvek quite a bit, my fear subsided (a little).  

Both Tyvek & Evolon can be melted using a heat gun, however, Evolon takes a lot longer to melt & I think it's more toxic smelling than when melting Tyvek, so make sure you wear a respirator & do your "melting" outside, just to be on the safe side!!

You can read about the the techniques I used here.  (Thank you Lynda Monk & Carol McFee for introducing me to Golden Fluid Acrylics).  The beautiful colors with the synthetic fibers of Evolon created a beautiful shimmering appearance!

I was SO excited to see my work published in Marion's book, that I didn't even notice when I read through it the first time that I was the only US artist published in this book!!  (Didn't know I could get anymore excited than I already was, but it happened!!)


Below is an "up close & personal" look at my journal.  I think, um..........those might be my fingerprints in the paints (I used my fingers to "move" the color around on the surface) we'll just call those "the artist's textural marks".  


Dotti said...

Way to go Tracy! Can we even get Evolon here in the States? I have heard of it before and knew there were folks out in the art community experimenting with it...isn't it a microfiber?

Jacq said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! You are getting closer to your dream of being a full time artist.

Amanda Sheridan said...

Hi Tracy
Loved your journal. Isn't it exciting to see your work "in print"!
For your reader who asked about getting Evolon, they can order from who ship worldwide.

Carol said...

Congratulations Tracy, the journal looks wonderful, willlook out for the book at the Festival of Quilts next week :)


Congrats, I am sure its an amazing feeling to see your art work in a book, wow. Its one thing to see it on a blog or a website, but a book, great job.

Gabriela said...

Congratulations! Very well deserved!