Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wonderful Website for Etsy Sellers

I wanted to share a wonderful website/marketing tool with you, if you have your own Etsy shop!! It's

There are no membership fees, no log ons with passwords, just enter the name of your Etsy shop in the box & hit enter!! From there, you can see who hearts your shop & where they're from (if they've entered that info into Etsy when registering.) Under the "item hearts" tab, are pictures of each of the items in your shop & how many hearts they have.

(Here's the wonderful thing about this tab)....under each item you have for sale, there is a Twitter & Facebook icon (I haven't tried out the Etsy icon yet to know what it does) but with the Twitter & Facebook icons, you can click on them, put in your passwords that you use to access both applications, type a little something about the item you have for sale & it posts your comment & a link back to your Etsy shop of that item on Twitter & Facebook's site for all of your friends & followers to see. (How awesome is that?!)

There is a shop statistics tab, for you number crunchers out there, a helpers tab, that actually can create product flyers of items in your shop & a widgets tab (LOVE this)!!! If you look up in the right corner of my blog, you'll see a flashing widget of the items in my shop & if you click on it, you'll be taken right to the item in my Etsy shop where you'll have the opportunity to purchase that item that you originally clicked on in my blog. (Nice, huh!!)

Oh & if you didn't notice already, in the photo above (mine's the third shop announcement down) you also have the opportunity to purchase advertising spots for your shop at a very reasonable rate!!

I just think it's a wonderful little site to use along with my Etsy shop & would love to give kudo's to whomever created the site!! Thanks!!

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Maria D said...

Thanks for the link, Tracy.

We needed this type of tool.