Monday, January 18, 2010

Twizzlers.... As Always a Low Fat Candy

As a custom order, someone requested that I create a mini wallet from Twizzler bags. I thought about this for a moment & realized all of the clear see-thru packaging & asked if they were sure (since a dyed background fabric was going to show through where all of the clear packaging was), which, if you happen to look at a bag of Twizzlers, you'll notice that it's MOSTLY clear packaging.

She said she was totally fine with it, as I was dragging my heels, fearing that this just wasn't going to turn out ok. So, what do you think? (I think it turned out better than I had planned!)

I have quite a few gatorade labels but have been dragging my feet since I was unsure how to deal with the transparent labels. I think this might have helped me get over that hump.


vintagerockchick said...

Hi, I found your blog via Purple Missus. I LOVE the wallets and glasses cases - really unusual- and a great excuse to eat crisps and sweets! No idea what bamboo fabric is - not sure if we have that over here - is it like felt? Gill x

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Hi, Tracy. Thanks for visiting my blog. Love your work and look forward to seeing what you come up with next!

Michelle said...

It came out great! Nice job getting the right red.

Gaby Bee said...

Wonderful as always. Love your creativity!

Jacq said...

It looks wonderful.


Did you see Lynda's post? (Purple Missus)

Happy weekend
Carolyn ♥