Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Headin' Home to Iowa

I won't be posting for just a little while since we're heading back home for a family wedding & the highlight of my see my 82 year old grandma. That woman is absolutely awesome!! All of her funny little quirks, habits & values, I SWEAR, I take after her :) (I wonder if it's possible for a granddaughter to take after her grandmother?) I did have the wonderful opportunity of my grandparents living right next door while growing up so I guess I can see there being a possibility.

I also took advantage of while I'm gone, my sewing machine is in the shop getting it's 1st year checkup. This worked out perfectly, since I didn't know how I was going to be able to be without my sewing machine for a week. :)

A small favor of those reading my blog.................I'd really love to change my blog background, but haven't really found anything that fits me. Everything I see out there is either too formal or Shabby Chic so this has me toying with the idea of hiring someone to design it for me if I can't find anything out there on the internet. If you have any suggestions for background sites or someone who can create a background relatively inexpensively, please let me know!!

Thanks & have a great rest of the week!!!
(Adriana will be flying back to Iowa with me, so maybe she'll have some interesting pics to post here when we get back.)


Kath said...

I got my background from cute'n'cool Blogstuff. There are soooo many backgrounds to choose from, all free and very easy to install.
Grandmas are very special,enjoy you visit. Have a safe and happy trip! Kath in England

Michelle said...

safe travels, and I take after my grandma too .... and she lived 5 hours away.

michele said...

how about your green martini for a background?

Karen said...

Have a good trip Tracy. LOL, only thing I can think of for your website is that it's got some green in it :)