Friday, September 4, 2009


Yes, I am 40 today or as I'd like to say 20 (times 2). :)

A very wonderful friend of mine, Michelle, made these fabulous things for me for my birthday (they're SO cool & they're in my favorite color!!)

40 tudes is a little journal that she made using painted interfacing & on each page is a different technique that Michelle likes to use in her art. Also, on each page is a clear little sleeve that I've been told that are for me to put pictures in of my party that we're having tonight. Michelle has said that she'll be posting on her blog more info about this wonderful little piece if you'd like to know more.

She also sent me these earrings that were made from a Fresca can. (Aren't they great!!)

Make sure you go over & check out her blog & see what she's been up to lately!!

Thanks Michelle, I love them!!

I had planned on doing a giveaway drawing for my birthday, but I've been so busy working on creating a piece to submit to Greencraft Magazine, I didn't have to the time to create anything. After I submit to Greencraft Mag, I'll do a giveaway, maybe a journal from Cheetoh bags or a mini wallet or maybe both :)


Sherry said...

Happy Happy Tracy! You are so-o-o-o young. be 40 again!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Tracy, you go girl!!!!

MargaretR said...

Happy Birthday Tracy. You are just a baby yet! Hugs form Mags


Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend

I'm 47 and can report that the forties are the "new thirties". I still feel 27 so enjoy every moment!

Best wishes
Carolyn ♥

TracyB said...

Thank you everyone!! And I'm hearing that a lot, that 40 is the new 30. I'm liking that a lot!! :)

(and I still feel like I'm in my late 20's ok, maybe early 30's :) )

Michelle said...

Hope you had a fun time last night. Now that you are 40 plus a day, does it seem that bad? Oh wait ... better ask that tomorrow when the big birthday bash has had time to wear off!

Jacq said...

Belated Birthday wishes. I loved being 40 and I love being almost 62Enjoy each day.