Monday, August 19, 2013

Is Your Dog a Squigglechick Dog? :)

When I first started creating pet collars with recycled soda & beer labels, I never imagined HOW many people named their dogs & cats after sodas & especially beers.

I've had cats & dogs both named Sprite, Pepper (Dr.) & here's one that was a little different................Pepsi.  (Hey, if you love Pepsi, then why not right?) :)

My first dog collar customer, loved Twisted Tea & wanted to enter herself with her dogs into a "Get Your Pic on the Carton of Twisted Teas" Contest (she had collars made for her 11 dogs)

Over 350+ collars created & sold since then (it's SO hard to believe I've created & sold THAT many in under 2 years) I've been lucky to have some of my customers send me pics of their pets sporting their new collars, thank you!!
Please meet Henry & Stella & Murphy & Bailey & Brewster & Guinness & .............................. & all the rest of my Squigglechick Dogs  :)

And of course, I can't leave out my 3 children :) (Taryn, Matisse & Milana)
(our silver cat, Milana is a free spirit & prefers to go what we call "naked" & that's ok) :)

I LOVED sharing all of these photos & I apologize for any I might have missed!!  To all of my customers that I've created collars for, THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity of creating collars for you & I look forward to making & creating collars for more Squigglechick Dogs (& Cats!)


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