Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall is in the air...............

........... the trees are turning, which is wonderful, however, with our falls in Seattle, comes a lot of rain with gray days AND with this being a La Nina winter we're to see more moisture than an average fall & winter. I'm not that thrilled about it, however, the DH is excited in hopes of more snow in the mountains for skiing. I have to admit with Whistler at our back door, it is always a beautiful place to visit in the winter.

Along with fall, come the beautiful browns, reds & oranges so I'd thought I'd share with you my interpretation on the browns, reds & oranges in my repurposed art :)

M&M's always does a great job at creating packaging for all the seasons!!

I'm not much of a chocolate person, however, I do love a Snickers every now & then!!

This is entirely new labeling for me to work with.  A friend of mine works in a bar, so she's been saving me labels from liquor bottles.  This wallet was made from Knob Creek Kentucky Bourbon.  (Now if I could find myself a coffee drinker to save me their bags!)  :)

And for the beer enthusiasts ................(I think this one might be my favorite) a friend saved these labels for me. I'm not much of a pumpkin beer drinker, actually, I'm not much of a pumpkin anything person however, I have to admit that there are a couple of pumpkin brews out this season that have only the lightest suggestion of pumpkin & are quite tasty!

You might be wondering with Christmas around the corner, where's your Christmas repurposed art? I worked in retail for over 7 years & I always hated how Christmas came out earlier each year in the stores.  I prefer to celebrate each holiday when it comes, so for now, Halloween (one of my most favorite holidays) Thanksgiving THEN Christmas!! I'll have some Christmas & "winter" themed repurposed art, but I promise that I won't put it out until the week OF Thanksgiving :)

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