Friday, March 19, 2010

might have sunken to a new low............

This post isn't really about the wallet & tag that I created from repurposed New Belgium Fat Tire beer labels, but how I obtained the labels.

I ride the bus to & from work every morning & as I was walking by the copy center that's about a block from where I work, next to one of their trash cans (this wasn't a dumpster) was an empty 6-pack of New Belgium Fat Tire beer bottles (still in the cardboard container). It seemed odd that they were sitting there & with their bottle caps at the bottom of the container (Michelle, I will be sending them to you so you can use them in your work) :)

Were they just waiting there for me to pick them up & give them a new purpose? When I first walked by, I thought, how strange & I took a couple of steps, walking past them, then stopped, turned around & then you cannot imagine the train of thoughts that ran through my brain.

"I could really use these in my work. Is anyone around to see me pick up this 6-pk of empties? It's still pretty dark out, could I make it all the way to work without being seen? If I take these, how am I going to get them home on the bus? It's 6:30 am now & no co-workers show up to work until around 7:20, could I get the labels soaked off in our kitchen sink before anyone made it in? It generally takes a good 24 hours to soak the labels........could I actually soak them off any sooner? " (By the way, luck was with me that morning........the labels came off with no problems!)
You can laugh now (if you haven't been already) & now, I can too. I have to tell you that I'm a little embarrassed & have lost a little bit of dignity, but then I look at what I was able to create from them & it makes it all just a little bit better.


Dotti said...

So what did all the co-workers say when they spotted all the empties in the garbage at work...or did you spirit those out??!!!

marion said...

Get a grip girl... you do what you have to to get the results you want!

Karen said...

They look wonderful, so glad you rescued them. My FIL used to pick aluminum cans out of the garbages and dumpsters down in Florida. One person's trash another person's treasure.