Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Same materials, something new............

Sorry it's been so long since my last post, but with the holidays upon us & the fact that I've been very busy creating the same kind of items for my shop that you've seen in previous posts but from different recycled soda labels/chip bags/coffee bags, I didn't think you wanted to see another luggage tag or mini wallet :)

However, I've come up with a couple of new ideas I wanted to share & have plans for more to come when things slow down a little bit.

(LOVE that color!!) I used Mt Dew & Diet Mt Dew soda bottle labels for this journal cover.

The interior is hand dyed poplin & has a sleeve that holds removable 4" by 6" notepads. (You can find this in my shop, where I've posted more pics of this journal.)

Below (I'm excited about these) are sunglass/eyeglass cases. The interiors have hand dyed bamboo fleece......YUM!!!!

The green & black McCoy's case is from Crisp bags from the UK. Lynda generously sent me a wonderful package full of Crisp bags & I've finally been able to start cutting into & using them. (You know how it is, when you get a new material, you can't use it right away, it needs to sit around for a little while so you can admire it.) I had originally planned on putting all four of these into my shop, but when I brought them in to show to some co-workers, I sold the McCoy's & Dr Pepper cases immediately, so back to the studio to create more!!

Ok, so I had to share a tag & a mini wallet with you that I made from Lynda's bags. The colors are wonderful & it's nice to work with graphics you're not used to seeing. The Walker's Luggage tag has also been featured on the Shop Etsy Blog here.

Thanks for the wonderful bags, Lynda!!


Jacq said...

I love the things you are creating. Looks like you are having a lot of fun.

Karen said...

Nice Tracy and what a fabulous job you've done matching the fabric to the bags. The dyeing is spot on.

Threadhead said...

I love all your creations!

Gaby Bee said...

What a fun idea! Love these pieces!
Hope you had a great holiday and enjoy the new year.
Gaby xo

Carol said...

Can I ask do you fuse them or anything as they are wonderfully flat? I am a teacher and friend of Lynda's in the UK, I use crisp packets in my work with year 8 and would be interested in any tips for keeping them as flat and fab as yours?