Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Scarf for Mia

I'm a HUGE fan/collector/owner of some of Michele's work at EyEmbellishments. Michele creates the most wonderful ceramic embellishments for you to use in your own work, but the way she sells them in her little collages, it's hard for me disassemble them & use them in something else. It's like that fat quarter of fabric that you just dyed & love so much that you can't quite cut into it yet & that it needs to sit on a shelf somewhere & be admired for awhile.

They're such wonderful little works of art!!! Warning though, you can't just have one, they're addicting!! I have at least 4 of her collages hanging in my house not to mention the many loose ones that are taped to the pieces of card that they were shipped on.

I also follow Michele's blog, religiously & she has a Sunday section dedicated to her Sock Sibs. She has created each one of these & they're all quite the little characters, all with their own personalities & always seeming to get into trouble. Mia, (below) is a little rock star, she loves going for drives with the top down & her I have something in common, we both love a good martini so I decided she needed some accessorizing & I made her the little hand dyed silk scarf that she's modeling below. I rubber stamped it with martini glasses & shakers & then added green seed beads to represent olives in the glasses.

Mia in Chicago

Mia in Martini Sari

Mia doing the Marilyn Monroe pose

(Told you she was quite the little character.) Michele's sock sibs like to go on adventures, so I had mentioned if a couple of them would like to tag along on my trip to Rome & Croatia, that they are more than welcome. Michele informed me that she was going to create for me, my very own personal sock sibling to take with me on my adventure. (I can hardly wait!!)

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